How can TFT benefit me?

  What kind of problems can be helped?

· Anxiety and Stress
· Personal fears or your children's fears
· Anger and Frustration
· Eating or smoking or drinking problems
· Loss of loved ones
· Social or public speaking fears
· Sexual or intimacy problems
· Travel anxiety - Fear of flying or driving
· Low moods and mood swings
· Nail biting
· Cravings
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TFT can completely transform your life!

TFT practitioners have worked with tens of thousands of people all over the world who were needlessly suffering from negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs.
Through the use of TFT their lives have improved quickly and dramatically without needing to discuss their problems in depth. 
TFT is remarkably quick, normally only requiring one visit and delivers lasting results.

Most clients seek help with Thought Field Therapy, after having exhausted all traditional methods without significant improvement.

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“An ignored or inadequately resolved problem may not only hold you back, it will more than likely drag every other aspect of your life out of kilter. This phenomenon simply reflects the profoundly holistic, interwoven nature of our well being.”

Please note:
The therapies recommend on this web site are for the purpose of reducing fears, stress, and various associated daily problems only. They are not intended as treatment or prescription for any disease, mental or physical, or as a substitute for regular medical or psychological care.